Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More research on the QRN train for Barcoola

Hi All

As you well know, the QRN train is one of the ultra modern trains we are looking at modelling. Previously QRN had a small parcel of land in Forrestfield, google earth it, you will see the old terminal shoe horned between the Gemco and the locomotive depot. Recently QRN have transfered to a much larger purpose built intermodal terminal, situated directly west of Forrestfield loco, the terminal basicly takes up part of the area that used to be the NG marshalling yard. Its a single line dead end terminal which is not long enough to take a full length train. More on this later. Anyway on Saturday arvo, we noticed a PM job ready to jump from PNs Kewdale yard, One Ghan NR and two vanillas. We though what the hell might as well get a shot while we are here. Going back to the yard we noticed that the QRN train had been assembled and a Crew transport van was parked next to the relay van, looked like the Crew were getting ready to go. We perched ourselves on an over pass, and got a shot of 7PM2? departing Forrestfield. Attached are some shots of the power, LDP4 and CLP11 and an ex VR spirit car, now converted into a relay van.

The next week on the first day back at work, I noticed said train in the loop, and sure enough there was LDP4 and CLP11, waiting to get into the yard.



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