Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kieran's 22 class

Hi All

I visited Kieran this weekend, mostly due to his wedding to Robyne, and I guess to catch up. Our very best to you both, the wedding was spot on.

I had time to catch up with some other modellers and explore changes rail wise in Perth.

Kieran is a talented modeller and attached is some of his handy work. According to Keiran 2204 was the only 22 class to spend a couple of months in Perth prior to transfer to NT for work trains to joint the NAR to the CAR. Thus this model is of interest to NT as well as WA modellers. The work is pretty complete with the AC chopped into the side of the A end.

Most of you that know me, realise that my passion for AN, is not so focused as to ignore other regions. I have built a number of Pilbara locomotives and Westrail locomotives overtime, including a P class CM25-8 in S scale. I have a shunting layout design in mind and will share this at a later time. I know its a bit off topic but its my site and would like to share some of the Guys from the West, great talent. Many thanks to Kieran and Neil for letting photograph their handy work and enjoy their scratchbuilding talent.

I also spent some time with Les, and had a bit of time to discover a very modified Forrestfield yard. There are stacks of modelling propostions just begging to be modelled, but more on that later.



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