Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stuff skulking around Forrestfield

Hi All

Attached are some shots around Forrestfield.

These days Forrestfield seems to be a repostitory for eastern states refuges, as the day we turned up.
An NJ From the Lincoln Division as found its new home in WA working the Albany Woodchip yo yo service. The NJ seems to have had more juicy mods, it never stops for that class.

1202, EX DE5, formaly BHP Whyalla long products division, still in the old laddle livery. This unit was the to be the NG shunter, but seems to have thrown in the towel.

Around the yard are a few 22 class (422 NSWR) units in varing states of decay. Kieran, recons they do ok for shunting and quick to load up when teamed up with a L class on a grain train, realy put their back into it.

I am told GM30 is still in the shops and not sure if it has been forsaken as a rebuild "too far".

The LZ is painted in a new scheme for a new Grain contract in NSW, using ex NG grain wagons.



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