Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alice Springs the layout is another step closer

Hi All

Below is some shots of Alice Springs yard's major sections up and in place in the Train Room.  each board is 5ft 10 inches long.  The track and equipment have been placed in situ just to see how everything will fit, thankfully lots of pre planning have made this relatively easy, and everything seems to fit juuuust right!

 Looking west down the yard, the end loading is where the flats are positioned.
 The 600 class is where the two engine shed road, and engine shed will be.
 The roads to the left are the original arrival and departure roads.
 An overview of the yard, with the industrial area to the right, the gap in between is the walk in access.  To the left and at the back is Barcoola in storage condition.
 The end loading roads and the two intermodal roads continue under the gantry crane.
 Another overview of the yard.
 The intermodal roads, the heljin crane will get a bit of a work out with all that intermodal traffic.
 West end of the yard looking east, the ABFX;s are positioned in the location of the goods shed, looks like I have slightly more room for the shed instead of 3 ft I have 4ft.




  1. wow looks like its coming along really nicely there Scott.

  2. Fitz

    Very impressive and looks good. Looks like another visit and trip over to your place!!!! cant wait.