Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ken's Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway AN in 1984

Hi All

Check out this AN layout in 1984 the Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway ( K&EFR ), Ken has put a lot of thought into operations.  Looks like it fits into one half of a garage, and has dedicated enough room on the layout to give Penstone Quarry a bit of dominance.

Layout overview:

Shunting Penstone Quarry:


The design concept is solid, he has managed to squeeze in three mainline stations, a branch station and the quarry, and ample room in the fiddle yard.  I like the controller holders located around the layout.  He has also ticked the ease of operation box, as the layout is a total walk in design.

Importantly it seems to satisfy his requirements quite nicely, congratulation with your slice of 1984 AN.



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