Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doug's review of Auscision's new VBAX

If I kicked off an Australian Model Railway Magazine, Doug would be my reviewer, he pulls no punches.  Anyway here is is view on the new VBAX's that arrived this week.Barcoola discaimer etc...Here is is un edited text.My nit pick about the VBAXs.  Auscision have taken a page out of the Austrains "how to" book.   On the BP version of the van there is a stirrup step at the end of each door.   On the VBAX there isn't - in most cases - as far as I can tell.   Yet they leave two holes under each door on the VBAXs where the step would have gone on the BP model.   Austrains did something similar (holes for accessories that weren't fitted/required) on their I and ESX wagons.Still this is a nit picking fault in an otherwise excellent model.   Which incidentally has opening doors.    The only other nit pick is that the actuating bars that go from the brake cylinder levers to the bogies just come to an end about 1 cm short of the bogies.   You can see the reason why the moment you rotate the bogie on the bolster.   There is absolutely nowhere for the brake rod to go between the under frame and bogie.   Nevertheless it looks a bit odd just coming to an abrupt end, hanging in space.Thank god the VBAX weren't used in large blocks like VHGYs or even VLCXs.   One pack will suffice.Auscisions have a factory test shot of the AN on their web site.   You can make out quite a bit of detail on it.  I'd be interested to know what you think.   It has always been a bit of a coin toss for me which is the better looking unit an EL or AN.   For my two bobs worth both are the best looking units to be seen in Aust since the round nose GM streamliner types.CheersDougHere is some links


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