Monday, May 28, 2012

GWU C44aci detail shots from Glen

Hi All  Here is some detail shots of GWA's new GWU C44aci's

Looks like an Austrains NR class would be a good start.  Will look a home on Alice Springs.



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  1. Great pics, mate, I will try to build this locomotive in 3D for AURAN/N3V's Train Simulator 12. You details are very helpful. Any chance of any more of the GW Class, especial bogie pics at closeup? I live in Peterborough SA, we never see any of these around here, hence my asking.

    If you are familiar with AURAN/N3V's Train Simulator 12, look for User name: VinnyBarb and check out my created very detailed SCT Class, LDP Downer EDi Demonstrators, the WH Class and soon the LDP Class QRN in the Eagle paint scheme.