Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ettamogah rail hub new ultra modern layout

Hi All

Here is some shots of a new ultra modern layout based on the Ettamogah rail hub, just north of Albury.
As seen at Sunshine Exhibition this year, thanks to Doug for the heads up on this layout.
Thus is a great example of a modern intermodal terminal, In discussion with the builders, they outlined the local shunting procedures, including that they used the "shed" as storage of the the Cargo Sprinters.
Also of note is that they modeled only trains that operated through the yard in day light.
So I a glad to see a proper intermodal terminal modeled in a realistic fashion, rather than an after thought of a biger layout.  Nice work guys.
This layout will be appearing at Caulfield exhibition 2012, worth a look for concept alone.

A B class on a rail train, passess Ettamogah.

Modified Kibri stacker retreaver, to replicate the one at Ettamogah.

The hub shunting power, CRT's Cargo Sprinters, nice Scratchbuiding effort.

Another CRT stacker retreaver, again modified from the Kibri kit.



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  1. Hi there, love the CRT Cargo Sprinters. Who scratch built them and are there any more photos available of them (please) ? Warm Regards, Rob.