Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All is not quiet at Alice Springs on New Year's Day

Hi All

All is not quiet at Alice Springs yard on New Year's Day.  With a concerted work program in force, Alice Springs yard is  now operational.  There was no wiring hicups, got it spot on first time.
I have elected to put some temporary "fiddle yard" tracks in, so that I can start experimenting with operations.
However I am not a big fan of operating naked boards, I would like to start roughing in the scenery around the yard.  Starting with things like.
The hard stand area.
Setting the Fuller track system into the yard roads.
Main roads and level crossings.
Establish the foot prints for major buildings etc.

So the year has started off with a great leap forward for Alice Springs.  I will post some of the operations at a later date.

If you are after some interesting summer reading, the latest issue of Australian Railways Illustrated, issue 17 has an article on AN's Westliner AP5, well worth the purchase, for some reason you will need to look for the issue with a blue 81 class on the front cover, I would have thought a DL CL, CL standard combination on the Westliner would have been a little more appropriate, but hey its not my mag...

Anyway, Enjoy


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