Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pilbara FMG 2013 operations.

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Here is some shots of FMG, Obviously the newest operation to the Pilbara.
Operations are from Anderson Point, to Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek.
A branch to Solomon junctions at 175 Km Post
The operations started with 15 Dash-9 44CW, the operations are via Proceed Authority.

 011 and 004 crawl into Hunter on an empty, looks like a new Peco Concrete point in the foreground, bust have been a bugger to get it out of the blister pack!  Obviously not wired up yet.
 011 and 004 at the 183Km Post, with a loaded.
 A close up of the two dash-9s.  The FMG livery sort of looks like a reverse BHP livery, the blue on the Dash-9s is a tad lighter than the EMDs.
 A cross at Coonaire,between 011 and 004 and crew change with 704 and 002.
For the life of me I could not figure out how this Operation worked.  With PA's on what now seems to be double track, lots of stopping an waiting. Given that the Train Controllers high workload, as witnessed by the Scanner, maybe this is the reason?
 B end detail on 704.
 714 and 710 continue with an empty to either Christmas Creek or Cloudbreak, in the background is the new Solomon branch.
 Here is a bridge at about the 30Km Post, this design bridge design is almost a carbon copy of the bridges built by ANR on the Alice Springs standard gauge CAR line.  Well Mr Smith looks like your design concept  has lasted the test of time, is FMG paying you a royalty?
 715 and 719 depart Rowley Yard with an Empty
 Like all the operations in the Pilbara there are fuel trains, here is an example of FMGs rolling stock TK16.
 SD90MAC shunting Anderson Point.

An overview of the north end of Rowley Yard, this section is call Coonary, to the left is the Prep bay, to the right is the fuel train, in the background is a loaded for Anderson Point.
A very ultra modern Pilbara interesting area for modeling?
 More FMG rolling stock shots, here are some shots of two types of FMG ore cars.



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