Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pilbara Rio Tinto 2013 operations

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My final installment, Rio Tinto.
Rio Tinto has fully integrated the former Robe operations into one operation.
The end result is a kaleidoscope of colours and names.
Cape Lambert is currently being rebuilt into a four track balloon loop, no doubt will end up with a capacity equal to or greater than Intercourse Island and Parker Point together.
The Double track goes from Emu to Rosella.  They are currently building double track from Western Creek to Cape Lambert.
Rosella is now a five track yard.
Most of the trains we saw were triple headers, only Tom Price Trains were two units, evidence of the increase in tonnage per car, new 134 tonnes now, and 234 cars per train.

 A loaded dash-9 triple header, heading towards Dugite
A very grubby ex Hamersley Iron Dash-9, stay tuned for a weathering article.
  Three different types of current Rio Tinto paired ore cars.

 One of each HI dash-9 Rio EVO and Pilbara Rail dash-9
 A pair of Rio EVOs, with a Tom Price empty, these seem to be the only trains rostered with two units during our visit.
 The original EVO paint job, not exactly the most inspirational livery
 The Rio four stripes livery, the latest version.
 The Pilbara Rail livery, just starting to get a little faded.
 Rio Evo
 Robe Ore cars
 A new build Robe line ore car
 the two C36-7Ms used by Rio for trains between 7 mile and Intercourse Island and Parker Point.  Not the most successfull in this mission.  They are stored at the end of the apex of the 7 Mile triangle, getting a little more faded every day.
 A couple of EVOs in 8 mile yard, didn't spot Eminen any where
 Rio Ballast cars.


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