Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alice Springs LED lighting for your layout room

Hi All

I have been looking at replacing the Halogen lights in the train room.  Firstly, I replaced half with LED 12v replacements from Bunnings, I should have known, too cheap to be any good!  I won't go any further.

I found a joint called Ideal Lighting, the bloke running the show seemed to know what he was talking about, and with a steady stream of tradies coming in and out, I explained my situation.

He recommended a Brilliant LED 5m modular strip light, a 4200K Cool White.  This is all pre wired, and the strip comes with a 3M adhesive backing and a soft cover over the lights.
They can also be cut into different lengths.

It took me about half and hour to put the first one up, and less for the second.

the end result is shown below, I have burnt the pictures in by one stop, to illustrate the concept.

 Stuck straight on the roof, I think I can get away with out the need for a valance.
 The spread of light is good enough for me to shut off the Halogens, given a couple more strips, I probably won't need the spot lights.
 Here is the box.
Eventually I will put all the wiring into the roof, need to wait for a couple of days off.

I am happy with the result and will be adding some more to keep the consistency.



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