Tuesday, December 16, 2014

review of Bowser Alco C636 locomotive with sound

Hi All

Well the Bowser Alco C636s have arrived!
I got a selection of sound and non sound units.
They were purchased to convert into Aussie C636s.

Mt Newman Mining purchased 17 model C636s and Hamersley Iron purchased 12.

The details:
Bowser has made the units with individual details, for example the demo models have the correct lighting arrangement.
individual wire handrails, lift rings, windscreen wipers, mirrors etc.
The walkway handrails are as per the C630 and c630M, quite fine and fairly robust, however they are not delrin, not a problem for me as I will be repainting it anyway.

These models are detail rich and Bowser should be proud of there work.

 The radiators don't match the Aussie C636s they are a little short, the core should be right to the end almost touch the B end sand hatch.

 the panels below the radiator have a see through grille, however given the arrangement, of sound equipment etc, this is backed by a piece of styrene,  Might see if this is easy to daylight!
 The air induction fan is behind a grille, this is removable, if you are careful.
 Yup the amber flashing light works, and note the firecracker Arial.

 The bogie gap can be clearly seen in these two shots.  This will be corrected in the next shipment.
there are replacement bogies and fuel tanks coming at no cost!  Which will drop this unit to the correct hight.  Well done Bowser!

 Overall of the roof.
 The A and B ends.

 The A end lighting, the lights have a slow glow, so they slow build up just like the prototype.
 the wires for the flashing amber light.

 the Sound equipped mechanism and speakers, very little difference between this and the C630 arrangement.
 Lok sound is now fitted and compared to the c630, which I though was more than acceptable, the C636 sound needs to be heard to be believed, I have added a video on my Barcoola facebook site.
You might need to be a member, but its worth the look and listen.
 Details on the mechanism.

Given that I am going to strip and repaint these locomotives, I was not too fused about the details, I selected the IC unit as I figured that it would be easier to repaint.
The white, is some light seems a little thick, but at least the white is a good coverage, one of the hardest colours to paint!  more than one coat required.

The IC unit will be repainted in Mt Newman livery and the SP&S unit into I think HI.

The operation of the locomotives are smooth, more about getting used of the settings, the sound treatment and the lighting are spot on.
Given the bogies and fuel tank are going to be changed out to lower them, the second run will be a wanted item for sure.

The verdict.
Yup, I would purchase another C636, on the basis of these models, In fact I have some of the second run on order!

Another Pilbara locomotive can now be modelled so that is a good thing, I have already broken out the pens and graph paper for a layout!  Stand by!

The C636 sound and details are an improvement over the C630.  Bowser is going the right direction, again big two thumbs up guys!

Its interesting that the USA market can produce a model of locomotive of which only 37 were made in the USA, and 29 were built in Australia!
Sub 300 USD with sound, nice.

Anyway I will be modifying and repainting these, more Pilbara locos on the way!

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