Thursday, January 1, 2015

Alice Springs evil thoughts!

With an arvo to myself, i reviewed the last ops session, and the Bow Creek area limitations came to the fore.  As Bow Creek double as a semi visable staging yard, the mainline was blocked by 166 for the remaining part of the session.
I had created a plan awhile ago, which would solve this problem, however, i just didn't want to build a stack of new boards.
This plan would also reduce the asle width, something i didnt want to do.
So i did a bit of 1:1 mocking up, and after wiggling it here and there, i managed to retain the asle width to a point, 3 inches would not be the end of the world.
The board where the DL is, would be removed, and new 18 inch wide board would hold both the yard of Bow Creek and the staging tracks, with a backdrop spliting the two.

 The second board will need to be increased in width to accomodate the new Bow Creek yard.
The road that 166 is on right now will become part of the staging.

The three staging points shown will be removed, the main line to Darwin will remain as is and the two tracks to the left will become the crossing loop and mainline of Bow Creek.
This will enable a clear definition of the end of the Alice Springs yard.  In operation I could place a stop block on the main, just incase an operator wants to use more of the mainline than should be allowed.

Black line on the board is the new mainline.

Here is the proposed plan.

Anyway lets see how we go, enjoy Scott

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