Monday, January 26, 2015

Mukiteo WA shunting at Port of Everett with Boeing boxes GP38s in action

Hi All

Here are some shots, of shunting at Mukiteo WA, two GP38s are shunting Boeing boxes of the jetty.

BNSF 2081 and 2076 shunt the jetty at Mukiteo WA  Note that 2081 does not have any BNSF symbol on the short hood.

 Winter and low tide gives the whole area a different look.

lots of boxes today, 5 pack wells are definitely becoming more popular!

I see that orange is the new black!  Nice operational procedure, flag displayed for location.

 Oh and the worst livery on a 787-9 goes to ....... (envelope ripping sound) ....Scoot!

A quick look at Delta yard.



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