Saturday, December 19, 2015

Alice Springs current status and what is in store for 2016

Hi All

Just to give you an update on Alice Springs and whats in store for 2016.

Doug has convinced me to extend Heavitree Gap, more to the size it should be, this will also make the entrance to the layout more impressive.  Even better Dave has offered to help me with the rock work.

the extension of Heavitree Gap should cover this area of the board.

the point in the middle of the level crossing will be moved to the north so that the crossing can be completed, and the signals installed.

New Backdrops to be constructed, and installed all around the outside of the layout for home operation.

My Westrail L class locomotives have arrived, Haskell and Southern Rail Models (its the middle unit)

I have one more proposed layout to set out, For me right now its alot of fun to set things out, I wish I had accomplished this with Alice Springs, I might have saved alot of time and work getting to the final version.

Enjoy Scott

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