Friday, January 27, 2017

Alice Springs layout changes

Hi All

Given the new year and all, I have started on changes to Alice Springs.

There are a couple of key reasons behind these changes.
1.  make Bow Creek a more functional part of the layout.
2. Remove the fiddle yard trackage, this was exposed to the public at the last exhibition.
3. ease the curves at Heavitree Gap.

I think I have achieved what I set out to accomplish.
Here is a shot of a test train through the Gap, following modification.

I had to remove the original Stuart Hwy and replace it with an MDF one, as result of easing the curves.
This also meant that the gap had to be respositioned on the board, lost more work required there.

The two Bow Creek boards were flipped 180 degrees, so here is a before shot.

Here is an after shot, this will mean that at exhibitions Bow Creek can double as a fiddle yard.  yes this means that the storage capacity is halved, but its what needs to happen, I will live with it.
I am toying with a little bit of narrow gauge up against the mainline, you should be able to just see the nose of an NSU in the bottom Left hand corner.

Here are some pictures around the layout following the changes,

Here is a rough out the proposed new Bow Creek yard.
The two sidings to the left are the Mereenie oil sidings

looking south, at Bow Creek, the siding to the right are the cattle sidings.

The new mainline though the old now removed Bow Creek.

An overview of Heavitree gap with the new Stuart hwy, lots to do, but the result is a much more pleasing view of the gap, which lets face it is the focus point of Alice Springs, so I should make sure its the best it can be.

In other news I have decided the next layout will be a full walk in layout no duck under.
I will put Spencer Junction on the back burner, as any move would mean a bigger train room and Spencer junction deserves to be the best it can be : )

enjoy Scott!

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