Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SDS models NR class and AN AOQX AOQF SAR SOC lead ore wagons, and ultra modern container flats

Hi All

Here is some pictures of the latest work from SDS models.

SDS is working on tweaked version of the NR class, the attention to detail in regard to paint application and correct placard location is impressive.
To name a few of the changes:
the name plates
builders plates
Instructional placards
Reflective placards
Correct muffler roof colour.

Others things they have been working on include the AOQX, AOQF, SAR SOC lead ore wagon.

SDS are offering this is two distinct versions, SAR ANR AN, and ultra modern with Revised hand brake positions.

SDS models has also branched out into some more ultra modern container flats, looks like lots of dribbly detail on them, as we have come to expect from SDS.

Anyhow enjoy!  Scott

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  1. Amazing that ultra modern can be 20 years old (RQTY and RQFX!) I guess anything NRC is still 'modern' in my eye.