Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barcoola #AD1 DA2 research



ARG 22 class shunting FQWY at Dry Creek



DA2 Willcalla

DA2 at Wirrappa




Hi All

In the endless persuit of research, above are some shots of AD1 DA2, and their components.

Obviously FQ1 to F04 are on the top of the list, currently there is no suitable equivalent, you might want to look at a fourth coming SCT class from Railmotor models as a start.
ALF's will have to be kitbashed from a BL class, with a C class mech. I have one in progress.
CLF and CLP from Austrains, decal changes, the favorites CLP16 etc have the EPIC brake system fitted, so you will see it all the time on this service.
GM, fourth coming from Trainorama, but they don't have the right numbers that survived or the right colours. Lima kitbash is still available.
EL class, Auscision, nice mech just toooo easy.
VL I think there is a fourth coming kit out there, Austrains X class mech required.
FDAY: BGB 100 class bluebird, but hard to come by.
RKWF: usually one loaded with steel for Darwin of Alice Springs, Laser kit or wait for the Auscision kit.
AQPY: container flat, Laser kit, or cut down Auscision.
FQAY: Five pack container flat 5 X 48ft. Walthers kit cut down, with new tops.
FQCY, FPPY: Two pack container flat, TOFC. Glen is working this one, working on a couple of Walthers 89ft flats.
FQWY: 48ft two pack well container wagon. BGM RQZY ends X 2
AQQY: 63ft flat. Scratch build or wait for the Auscision model....
PTMY: Fuel tanker, Atlas 23000Gal tanker.

Anyway this will give you some idea of the rollingstock used.

We can discuss containers and trailers later.




  1. G'day Scott. I am about to build up some AQPY's in N scale for my little big Darwin train, and was pretty happy to find your pics since I forgot the bloody code!! Anywho, do you know much about these?? I know they are a chopped and skeletised AOOX but don't know much about when they first showed up etc etc. Any help would be appreciated!
    Cheers, Jamie Winderlich

  2. Hi Jamie
    Yes you are correct they are ex AOOX open wagons, they started showing up around 2004, another derivative, the AFTY were again cut down versions of the AOOX used on Darwin line construction trains. i have seen some AQPYs in service with QRN