Sunday, October 24, 2010

Train #347 doing the Research.........

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The key to a better representation model is good research. The example shown is the Alice Springs Down express goods between Wirrappa and Pimba, during my modeling era.

To analysis this lets look at the components of this train and what can be model.

The locomotives:
DL49 = Austrains.
AL21 = Main West body, or BGB RTR, with an Austrains C class mechanism.
Relay Van = Comeng - kit bash Con Cor sleeper car, will have to be cut down.
AFSY = try a 45ft flat scratch bulit sides. Skelton 40ft trailer Athearn. BGB 40ft refrigerator, decals will have to be custom.
ATMY = Mobil tanker, BGB decals, Atlas 23000gal tanker.
ATSF ATOY x 5 = Athearn tankers.
ACLY = Laser kit
ACAY = BGB kit
ACHY's x 6 = Double deck cattle wagons, got to be scratchbuilt, I have a plan.
ACAY's x 5 = BGB kit
ATMY = Mobil tanker, BGB decals, Atlas 23000gal tanker.
ATSF + ATOY x 7 = Athearn tankers
ATKY = Atlas 17000gal tanker
ATSF ATOY x 2 = Athearn tanker
AFSY's x 2 = 45ft flat scratchbuilt sides. Bill's trains 45ft flat trailer, tarped loads.
AFIY's x 4 = 86ft flats from Athearn. Referigerator Trailers from Trainorama.
AFSY = 45ft flat scratchbuilt sides. Referigerator Trailers from Trainorama.
AQSY, AQTY AQMY's x 13 = Steam era 63ft VQCY converted to AQTYs, AQSY, AQMY you are going to have to wait for Auscicion. 20ft 40ft containers, All to pick from Athearn, Walthers, BGB.
AQEY = Got to be scratch built, needs to include a towing frame.
RoadRailer = Athern 40ft trailer, needs one extra axle. Thermo King refigerator, Aline.

Its a start.



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