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Barcoola and Alice Springs and Train order working basics

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I would like to take some time out to outline the initial basics of Train Order working. On the Northern Division AN had train order working operating from Coonamina to Alice Springs NT and Parkeston WA.

Train order working had previously replaced Staff and Ticket on the CR. CR had modelled their safeworking on the VR, hence the population of VR style two position signals on the TAR. The problem with this type of train control is that every train needs to stop at every control point, to either sink the last staff and extract the next one. On a railway line like the TAR can you imagine the cost associated with stoping every train at every siding. So lets just say, you would be hard pressed to come up with a more inefficient or labour intensive time consuming way of controling trains.

Train Oder working has desinct advantages as follows:
Trains can be given one order ie from Siding A to siding F, without the need to stop at siding B to E.
With effective radio control system such as Austrak Orders can be recived "en-route" or on the move.
Signals can be taken out of service at all stations in Train Order Territory, only requires point indicators, fairly obviously staff are not required at these stations.

Ovbiously on lines such as Tarccola to Alice Springs it was built for Train order working only from day one.

For modeling Train order working is also a very effective and easy system to initiate on a model reailway layout.
Advantages are, fairly obvious, you don't need expensive signals and interlocking systems, which all take time to construct. For example Alice Springs only requires two searchlight signals, this represents a great time saving to model such and extensive yard.

What paper work you need:
A Train order graph, this is a matrix with all the siding in the subject territory listed across the top of the sheet, and time listing down the sheet for a twenty four hour day.

A TC12 form, this form is used for any train about to enter a train order territory. This form will list all the trains currently in the subject terriory and their last know location or when they are expected to depart a certain station.

A train order book, each transaction or order requires the Train Controller to issue an order for each train, and the Train Crew will repeat back the order verbily, the Train Controller will confirm that the order was repeated back correctly. Thus in this situation the Train Controller and the Train Crew both need to have a Train Order book.

How it works roughly:
Without going into details, this is how a normal every operational day would be for Alice Springs the proposed model layout.
The Train controller, will receive a request from a Train #166 at Alice Springs, requesting a train order to Barcoola.

The Train controller will then Get the crew and Train details. IE each member of the Crew, the locomotives number of wagons, tonnage and length in metres. Once these details are confirmed, the Train controller will issue a TC12, which will advise any trains currently in the controlled Territory or expected to enter the territory. In this case, the TC12 issued shows that #347 engine DL40 has been given order N1 to proceed to Bow River yard limit board. Last reported though Barcoola at 10:00.

The controller then issued order to #166 at Alice Springs as follows:
Train order number N2 is issued to the Train crew of Train number #166 engine EL61 at Alice Springs Proceed to Bow River take crossing loop, cross train number #347 engine DL40. Train number #347 has not yet been issued, this was received at Alice Springs Time 11:00.
The Train crew of #166 would then repeat back order N2 to control and if complete and correct, the train controller will confirm that order N2 is complete.

This means that #347 has an order to Bow River, and #166 only has an order to the southern yard limit at Bow River.

Train control will then contact #166 and issue the following order:
Train order N3 is issued to the train crew of #347 at the yard limit Bow River, After forfilling train order N1, proceed to Bow River take Mainline, cross train number #166 engine EL61, then proceed to Alice Springs, Train order N2 has been issued to train number #166 engine EL61 to take the crossing loop at Bow River. This was received enroute at 12:00.

The Train controller will then issue an order to #166.
Train order N4 is issued to the train crew of #166 engine EL61 at Bow River, after forfilling Train order N2, proceed to Barcoola take branchline, report when clear at Barcoola.

An this is just a start.

Anyway this is just a little in-site, and be aware that this does not reflect current rules. If I have missed anything, please feel free to comment.



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