Thursday, December 23, 2010

Barcoola seasons greetings 2010

Hi All

Just a quick note to wish everyone the compliments of the season.

The preceding year was a tough and we expect 2011 to be more of the same.

Below is some Barcoola and AN trivia, answers next year.

How many kilometres has Barcoola travelled?
A. 1494 KMs
B. 3222 KMs
C. 4642 KMs.

How many Trees are on Barcoola?
A. 0
B. 6 provided by Doug.
c. 57

How many exhibitions has Barcoola attended?

AN trivia
That is the highest number 930 class on standard gauge, during the AN era?
A. 959
B. 961
C. 966

Which class of locomotives were transfered to NRC for scrap value?
A. DL class.
B. EL class.
C. AN class.

True or false:
Did a 600 class ever operate in Alice Springs during the AN era?

The train number 199, is the most famous fast freight between Chicago and LA, on the ATSF, what train in the AN system had the number 199?

A: short lived ADL ASP priority freight.
B: loaded Port Pirie train.
C: STD gauge trip train between Port Adelaide and Dry Creek north yard.

Have a great Christmas, enjoy the break!



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