Monday, December 27, 2010

Barcoola's second and third day of xmas

Hi all

please see attached the new fiddle Yard boards. Two 6ft boards have been made from the original scenery board. The original fiddle yard boards were extremely heavy. Their replacement is a step towards both lightening the lode. The latest version is narrower, 23inches wide thus will be able to accommodate 9 tracks including one possible BG and NG track for a proposed triple gauge layout. As per modern design principals, composite designs have increased strength with less weight. This version I have used 12mm ply, sides and ends. The centre is a 3mm MDF base. with a 30mm foam core and a 3mm top this version give good strength properties with less weight.

The ends have been re configured, to be transported one on top of the other, this arrangement means that each board has a total hight of 55 mm, but with the construction are settled one inside the other, by 15mm. Thus each board has maximum strength with minimum size and weight.

The ends have been constructed to fit one inside the other, in a key fashion.

Anyway, as you can see there is progress at Barcoola.....



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