Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barcoola MK2.25 update

Hi All

Just ot keep you updated on current progress. This weekend the following was completed:
Ran the wiring for the new bridge board and droppers.
The two signals have been dropped in to their new location at the Down end of Barcoola Yard, this is where they will be located in the shorter "home" version.
Cleaned all the track in prep for operations, it was filthy.
Resoldered some track joins as required.
Ran temporary track between new boards 4 and 5, to enable operations to comence.
laid the remaining TAR line trackage.

Additionally had a meal with Doug and his wife to be on Saturday night, I managed to rope a few more people in to operate Barcoola for a couple of pending exhibitions.

I also managed to coax some of the group to fish though their photographic colecction for more shots of Alice Springs, you can never have too much research material.

After I got home, I spent time trying to figure out the best solution for trackage on the triangle board, after a few bourbons, I started placing track here and there to see what would fit, then it just hit me. We will extend the current triangle boards from 4ft to 6 ft. Instead of making two new 4 by 2ft boards, this will make it easier to transport and will ensure that there is enough reach overall, the 8ft version was just a tad too long when I started to look at accessibility.

Anyway I will modify the current MK2.25 plans and show you the updated plan, would be interested in any comments.

Finally attached is a shot of the proposed new lighting arrangment for Barcoola, I will discuss in detail later, but I figured that the higher the lighting the better the spread (using 60deg lights). This construction was built using 25mm al box tubing pre cut from Bunnings.



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