Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adelaide exhibition 2011

Hi All

I checked out the Adelaide Exhibition, and can offer the following interesting items.
Stewarts, modelled around the first station on the Kingston S.E. line. The guys have realy put in the little details. like grease splotches on the point blades. Train order boxes, equipment boxes in the correct SAR two post fashion. They have put alot of work in around the town, the Ampol Petrol station, CFS station, station, goods shed and the houses. all well detailed. If is a good example of what can be accomplished in a small space. The true passion of the creators seems to be trucks. A Mack Cattle truck with an array of arials, proper bull bar, all realy added to the show. These are details you just don't see on other layouts, even Barcoola. They also created mini scenes. The most notable is the hearding of sheep. They had the truck all decked out. A temroray coral, drover and dogs the lot, and the way they possitoned all the sheep and people, were all at the relax, ie not running, which I think realy adds to a scene, not need for a double take.
Oh and the red markers on the Bluebird car, very nice guys.

A double deck car carrier brass kit from end of the line hobbies, I am looking at converting to a tripple deck, got to do my research first.
Bull bars for trucks from Orient express.
More people, and kangaroos etc
More grass tuffs, checked out the OB pilot model, nice work. for Barcoola we could use them as Gen sets, Glen has already done the models from scratch.
Stop gap steel trucks circa 1993.

Also did some photography.

Will up load the pix soon.



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