Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alice Springs update

Hi All.
its been awhile between updates, but here is the progress of Alice Springs at the moment.

Alice Springs yard all "foamed" out.  Ready for the final fix.

The double sided boards ready for "foaming"  The left is the fiddle yard the right is for the mainline and a large bridge.  Similar to the one on Barcoola.

I have engineered a section between both sides of the board, with a 6mm gap in the middle, this slot will enable easy installation of the backdrop, without the need to fix it in place with bolts or screws.

The ikea rolling draws that will be used for holding  rolling stock.

Here is a view of the current plan. 
I have seven boards to go.
The track has been shipped and expect delivery soon so track laying can start, real soon now.


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  1. Hi Scott
    Any thoughts on how you will operate this layout? I am thinking more on the lines of a shunting theme ?