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Outline of Alice Springs the layout proposed operations for Shelton

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I would like to follow up on this comment:
Hi Scott Any thoughts on how you will operate this layout? I am thinking more on the lines of a shunting theme ? Cheer Shelton on Alice Springs update

Well Shelton, here goes.
Obviously with effectively three loops,

Hugh River = the fiddle yard.
Bow Creek = first loop south of Alice Springs, in corporates, NT Government Cattle Sidings and Merrenie oil Sidings.
Alice Springs.

Operations between all these sidings will be under Train Order Operations, thus an Train order will have to be issued for any movement between any of these sidings.

Please refer to earlier post for details:

So for 1993 operations, I will break down what and how I intend to shunt each service:
#347 express goods and it southbound movement #166, This service includes:
Intermodal operations, TOFC and Container.
Oil Tankers, for the following sidings, BP, Caltex, Sadabin (mobile), Loco fuel for the Locomotive depot. Merrenie Oil sidings, this requires an additional shunt movement from Alice Springs to the Oil Sidings and return.
Cattle wagons for Bow Creek, again requires a shunt movement from Alice Springs to Bow Creek and return.
Van goods for the Goods Shed, the NTFS depot and a freight Forwarders depot on the industrial branch.
Open wagons for Steel distributors on the industrial branch, plus general goods.
Concrete wagons and flat wagons with concrete containers, for Adelaide Brighton Cement, on the industrial branch.
LP gas tankers, for Boral Gas and Kleen Gas sidings.

On arrival, the crew will need to call the Station Master to confirm the road that they need to put the train down, then the Mainline locomotives and relay vans need to be taken off the train an replenished at the locomotive depot and the carriage siding.
The intermodal wagons need to be positioned under the gantry or end loading platform as a priority.  I need two shunters to work Alice Springs, they will work both the Oil and cattle shunt movements and the industrial branch.  The shunters then need to shunt around the intermodal wagons to match the strip and back load.  I will be using shelving under the layout to swap out the trucks and containers.

After all this shunting has been done, the consist will have to be re-marshalled into the departure sidings, and mainline power and relay van attached.  A new brake certificate will need to be issued and the shunters will need to note any DG and load the wagon number and total tonnage into TIMS, the crew will have to repeat their tonnage figures and wagon numbers etc, prior to getting a TC12 and a Train Order.

The passenger service "the Ghan"
Will need similar servicing, including watering the coaches, and taking the Motorrail wagons to the end loading platform for unloading, and loading cars for the southbound trip.
Other extras are:
dedicated Cattle trains Dry Creek to Bow Creek and return.
#199 premium express goods.

It all depends how detailed we want to get in regard to operations, I will be issuing a Local Area Procedure for handling wagons in and around Alice Springs.  The original AN Appendix would have contained this information.

So Shelton, I hope this gives you a little insight into how I intend to operate Alice Springs, a town like Alice.



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