Sunday, April 19, 2015

Barcoola locomotive weathering

Hi All

Its one of those things where you have to be in the mood to do things, well that time has come.

I was sick of GM1 looking way too plastic, so I have started another bulk run of weathering - fading.
Its worth noting that at this point none of the models have been spray painted at this time.  All of this has been accomplished with a brush.

 Here is GM1 and to be GM3, this is a first coat of slightly faded green.
Once this is dried, the corners and rivet lines have had a wash of black to get the detail to 'pop" out!
 The bogies have had a grime wash.
 GM3 roof has had a wash of Humbrol 64 grey, and details "popped" with a wash of black
 The secret to is plausible random paint thickness's, the valance as had a lighter grime wash.

 So with the combination of the three types of weathering, GM1 looks allot closer to what it should be already.
Some of my CLs have also had the same treatment.

 The roof detail has been "popped" with a black wash.
 The sides need to be washed and "popped" already has that "chalky' look.
 BL28 did not suffer as much from fade if at all during my modelling era, BL30 being the most effected.  This is an Austrains BL, the roof has been washed with Humbrol 64 grey, the sides have been "popped' with a wash of black just in certain locations.  The bogies and fuel tank have been washed with grime.

 The airconditioner grilles have been picked out with black.

 Some gentle oil seepage marks.
 The EL and the DL class seem to have been painted with two pak paint which is very fade resistant.

Consequently this requires a slightly different approach,  Gentle washes around the body cab joints and the body panels, brings out the details, and again replicates, with a grime wash, it looks the part.

Anyway lots to do, bit by bit.

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