Saturday, April 18, 2015

Australian Railways illustrated February and April editions and other things

Hi All

I would just like to recommend if you have not already, is to pick up the February and April editions of Australian Railways Illustrated.

The February edition, has a spread of Jon Clark's work, he was always very critical of his own work, its great to see some of his work up in lights as they say.  I was asked to provide one shot, and that was one taken by Doug of Jon, while on Bernie's wedding train.  The rest was a total surprise a great spread, well done Stewie!

the April edition, Bill Arkell and Greg Sweeney have a great article on the Tea and Sugar, perfect for my era of modelling, there is even a shot of GM20, trailing unit, showing the fade. also an ALGX in SAR grey with one Green door and one maroon door!

On Facebook, here is a link to some other shots of Hobsons Bay model railway exhibition 2015.

Some video of Bridgewater, note locomotives with sound.

Some video and pictures of Maryborough

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