Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bridgewater SA the layout Hobsons Bay Easter 2015 exhibition part 1

Hi All

I was surprised to see the layout Bridgewater at the Hobsons Bay model railway Club 2015 exhibition.

Here are some shots.

A V/line C class and BL head towards Aldgate.

Up end home stick
 The yard.
 An overview of the Up end of the yard, while the lighting treatment and pelmet, provided good overall lighting, it did make it very difficult to view the layout.

 Up end departure sticks.

Overall a very interesting layout, additions of railway furniture add to the overall finish of the layout.



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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Scott. I'm surprised about your comments re. the lighting pelmet being too low.. They are currently fitted at a height that means the viewers can see the entire layout, but not see the operators working behind.