Saturday, December 23, 2017

A list of Australian outline HO scale models produced in 2017

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I thought that I would list out the HO scale models that were produced this year for the Australian Modelling public. This means that they are new products not re-runs or repaints.

VR J concrete wagon.

Car carrying wagons, NSW VIC SA
SCT Fuel gins
CP guards van
NSW V class double deck interurban EMU sets
NCOF coil steel wagons.

Bergs Hobbies.
NSW S sets double deck suburban EMUs

Haskell - Weskie models.
1720 class locomotive.

On Track Models
PTC V/line sprinter DMUs

SDS models
SAR SOC AN AOQF Ore wagons.
Railex, Brambles 40ft containers.
NSW ARX NGUX Cement wagons.
NSW S open wagons.
NSW JHG Guards van.
VR FX bulk flour wagons.
VQFX with rails flat wagons
RQTY container flat wagons.

Southern Rail Models
XGAY grain hoppers.
10 class steam engine

So it's nineteen new HO Scale models for this year.

It's interesting to note that it's seems that SDS models is the most prolific for this year, with eight new models this year.  well done SDS!

I feel a little sorry for Auscision, they are a fair few models short this year.  However they did do a number of reruns.

Below is an extract From their February 2017 post.
As of today, these models didn't make it in 2017.

Current Projects

48/830 Class
As mentioned above we have been having a little trouble obtaining workers for the production line - this project is currently our biggest project ever! We need as much production capability as possible to finish the many different versions, liveries, and road numbers for each model. Our factory advises 3rd Quarter 2017 for delivery and are trying their best to pull this in. Because we now have a little bit of extra time up our sleeves Auscision is going to offer everyone that has pre-ordered 48/830 Class models the opportunity to add factory fitted DC/DCC ESU Sound to their models for an additional $100.00. We will be sending out letters to everyone that has 48/830 Class models on order and offering this as a once only chance to add it to your model. It will be important that you read the conditions outlined in the letter as you will only have one chance at adding sound to your order, and once the cut-off date has passed you will no longer be able to add sound to models on your order. Letters will go out in April - please wait until you receive this letter before requesting the sound option. 

442 Class
The 442 Class is now expected 3rd Quarter 2017. This has unfortunately been pushed back a little as outlined above.

RUB Cars
RUB Car painted samples are also expected soon with production now expected around 3rd Quarter 2017.

Fishbelly Underframe Wagons
The factory is currently working on painted samples which we should receive soon. Production is expected late in 2017.

XGAY Hopper
We are still waiting on tooling samples for the XGAY hopper. A few modifications had to be made so it has pushed it back a little. Delivery now expected 3rd Quarter 2017. 

Due to the above complex projects 48/830 & 442 Classes the Tangara has been pushed back until late 2017. Once again we appreciate everyone’s patience with this project. It is definitely still coming and will be a great model when it arrives. 

Let's see what 2018 has in store for us.

Enjoy, Scott 

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