Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sadliers new depot in Spotswood Vic

Hi All

GregM from Adelaide has posted that the new Sadliers depot, is a modeling gem, and I have to agree. Nestled between Melbourne Road and the reclamation depot. There are three tracks, going to a northern dead end, with a double set of cross overs at the stub end. Interesting that all the trackage in the depot, is asphalted.

Please click on the link, from Near Map.,144.882776&z=18&t=e&nmd=20120122

I also like the fade pattern that the NLKY's are getting, and the rust on the roof, I am sure that will make Glen happy, for the ultra modern project.

See this link:,144.883152&z=19&t=n&nmd=20120122

Heres a shot of NR35 shunting the depot.

T379 doing a transfer job.



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