Saturday, February 25, 2012

New SCT depot in Direk SA, stacks of Modeling potential

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I have been near maping, different locations. however the new SCT depot in Direk SA, is a very interesting prospect.

Given that the PBGY has been released by Railmotor models and the ABFX is also due soon from Ausicion.

Who would have thought that in 2012, we would have a new yard built with a two stall engine shed, hard stand area and goods shed (to be built).

Even better there is a convenient view block at the end of the yard in the form of the M20, over pass.

Operating potential is even better, given that all east west SCT trains to and from Melbourne and Perth, would eventually be visiting this yard. Including all the ore trains, which are split here for unloading at outer harbour.

Below are a couple of links to near map

An over all view of the yard.,138.59592&z=16&t=n&nmd=20120114

A close up of the engine shed,138.591067&z=19&t=n&nmd=20120114

The hard stand area.,138.598309&z=19&t=n&nmd=20120114

The site for the goods shed.,138.600388&z=18&t=w&nmd=20120114

A photo of the Yard from the M20 looking south.

I know Glen is working on some of the SCT specialist wagons, it might be something to a least look at for ultra modern.



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