Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alice Spring industrial area on near map

Hi All

I would like to share some more near map images of the Alice Springs industrial area.

The old wreckers site has been cleared, which has uncovered a freight forwarders, loading un loading platform, even the track is still there, note the point to the Adelaide Brighton Cement This is in the current model version.,133.867024&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024

The Adeliade Brighton Cement siding.,133.868001&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The steel distributors siding.,133.868988&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The Kleen Gas siding.,133.86998&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The Sadabin siding.,133.871123&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The old BP siding, you can still see some old track in the yard.,133.874754&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The Boral Gas siding now Orgin.,133.859734&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
Although not part of the industrial area, it seems Tim the fuel man has been captured fueling DA2 at the south end of the yard.,133.876525&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024



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