Monday, March 10, 2014

Sandown model railway exhibition 2014 part 3

Hi All

Some of the layouts at the exhibition.

There was this interesting road and tram exhibit, I had a chat to a guy that has installed radio control in his trucks, has got me thinking this could be done for Alice Springs, give that extra extra dimension of operations.  Especially since I have already got the Faller system, and he give me tips to change them over to radio and the surface mount LEDs, nice!

Some more of his work.

Victoria bridge layout, nice weathering guys..
The SARMA layout had some interesting AN era trains, including the IP with the wedgetail symbol and an AD car.

One of the short 099 lead ore jobs.

The IP with a DL equipped with sound.

The first AN era BG grain train of particular note.

interesting shunting layout with what looks like a scratch built Vlocity set, gutsy job there.
N scale is coming along leaps and bounds.

Here is the latest from Aust-N-rail.
the website



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