Monday, March 10, 2014

Sandown model railway exhibition 2014 part 1

Hi All

Here are some images of Sandown 2014,
First up there was a new layout "Rolling Stock of NSWR" lots of well built buildings.
The "working" chickens are a bit of laugh.

The Auscision stand, had the following.

The Pilot GT46c-ace

WBAXs are looking good.
The V/line P class pilot, interesting they are going to bring this out, but you cant get the super Harris cars???
NSWGR 45 class pilot, SAR AN 600 Class would be nice!
For the must have one of everything VR modeller there is the L class, I could go with a WA one
The Pilot XPT sure to be a success in NSW.

The HO version
An O Scale version!
The WBAX variations



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