Friday, April 4, 2014

Some interesting projects from Glen's work bench

Hi All

Here is some of wagons that Glen has been working on.

A ultra modern RKYY tilt bed steel wagon, these have been spotted recently on the Darwin line.

For 1990 era Alice Springs Glen is working on this ATOL, just needs the tanks installed, from a Proto 1000 kit.
Nice work man, looks sweet.

From an Athearn this is a simple conversion to a CHBY, work in progress.

Enjoy Scott

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  1. G'day Scott and Glen, love seeing what you guys are up to in HO scale for the Darwin line, am interested in similar in N scale. Have done the same hopper conversion (still trying to get discharge doors right) in N-scale, however these are not CHBYs. What you have represents a CHSY/CHQY which is/was used on the line for ballasting and a fill-in on ore trains. The CHAY/CHBY wagons are noticeably longer and have "portholes" along the side (often filled over with "hungry boards"). Best diagrams of these are at the CFCLA website.

    Hope this doesn't sound too critical or "rivet counting", I find your work inspiring and it gives me ideas about how to address issues at a smaller level. Keep up the excellent work.

    Cheers, Mick