Monday, April 21, 2014

Bow Creek track work almost done

Hi All

Here are some of the latest pictures, I have finished the majority of the track work in Bow Creek.
After messing about I have settled on the track arrangement which removes a runaround and adds a triangle.
I had been looking at keeping the oil sidings separate from Bow Creek yard.
However, in the end this version creates more movements.
Bow Creek, will be serviced from Alice Springs, via a shunt movement.
The locations include:
Left to right:
Oil Siding.
Ballast siding.
Crane - storage siding.
Cattle siding.

 These three tracks are from left to right, Mainline heading south, Bow Creek crossing loop, Bow Creek goods siding.  These tracks then join the rest of the staging tracks, and goes behind the back drop.
 Bow Creek, looking north towards Alice Springs.
 East end of the triangle.

This set up is as good as it gets to have a second yard on the layout, and having a staging area.

What remains is to solder all the track joins, add droppers, install the autoreversers.

Then I can start roughing in the scenery, for Bow Creek, I wanted the three tracks that lead to the staging yard to be partially hidden behind a cutting.

I had also looked at putting some old narrow gauge trackage in there somewhere, maybe maybe.

Anyway lots to do, have a good one.


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