Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hobsons Bay model Railway Exhibition 2014 report.

Hi All

The twenth Hobsons bay model Railway exhibition was held this weekend, and a couple of new layouts have sprung up.

The first of which is Wallan, in HO scale.

I sprung Jon and Doug drooling over it.

This layout is a clear example of how the hobby has changed, tackling this in N scale in the day was simply a triumph.  Now attempting this exercise n HO scale, thanks to the manufactures, modelling this era is not so hard.
 The line up in the yard of Wallan, most of the manufactures have contributed to the building of this scene.
Not quite sure about the "rolled dooby" clouds on the cut my head off back drop.

 Great presentation of the station buildings.

Overall an interesting approach to a very big chunk of VR, signals are working.  Unfortunately like most VR layouts weathering is almost no existent.
Doug had to touch the sign!

Another new layout is Binalong, so I am told in NSW bin is actually pronounced byn (as in a bind), thus byn a long.  I don't get it, you don't side knee, when you pronounce Sydney, but this is the way it is.

The seamless backdrop is a clear advanced feature.

 A royal steam engine crosses two CFCLA EL class, ugg!
 A truck overloaded with steel, ran into the biggest NCE controller which was placed under the railway bridge!
 Great presentation of the yard, however the use of curved boards could have been accentuated the track curvature that is right through the actual yard.

Here are some prototype pics, taken way back in the late 1980s.

 The bridge at the south of town,
 The station with the great curve through it.
 Check out the super elevation, check out the steam engine water towers, yes this is the 1980s!

Another NSW layout , modelled on a mill in suburban Sydney, this has really come along since I last saw this layout.
An effort has been made to hold it to an era, bit two thumbs up guys!  A great step forward!
I think it is modelled in the early 1990s, nice application, just need to watch the out for the out of era containers, and things like the Aldi truck!

However, absolute proof that you dont need heaps of points and signals or even a station to make a very interesting operational layout.

 One of the few examples of an intermodal terminal that actually has some room to move, does not seem to be impossible to operate.


 Two 49s at the mill, I remember Glen doing these sort of jobs (back in the day).  More sound than movement, and turn the marker lights on and see all the rust holes around the bottom of the nose!


It was worth checking out this exhibition.
Glad to see the Aussie only layout exhibition tradition continues, even if, it now seem to be limited to Victorian and NSW layouts.



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  1. Disappointing that there were no model tramways either. The logisitics of getting a layout from say Brisbane to Melbourne are horrendous and in these times of fiscal uncertainty I guess the cost factor overrides the enthusiasm factor. I myself can't exhibit for a few reasons, apart from my steam tram trailer my conductors are standing to the rightand side and I simply do not have the where with all to up root my tramway and get it to Melbourne