Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bow Creek is up and running

Hi All

With a concerted effort, Bow Creek has been wired and is now fully operational.
I have set up a couple of shots, with 166 with DL39 and CL5 crossing EL53, CL6 and GM20 on 347.

I have installed a backdrop, so this hides the staging yard.
Anyway here are some shots of a classic cross shot.

More later, Cheers Scott


  1. slow and steady wins the race,looking forward for the next posting.Awsome

  2. Hi Scott
    Enjoying your progress,Question in regard to shunting what do you plan on using Loco wise ? The 73 series or the 49 series or moderize abit and import from athern,HO RTR SW1000, D&RGW #146.Looks Good 2002 upwards.Have fun Cheers