Thursday, July 20, 2017

Maxwell Colliery by the Glasgow & west of Scotland MRC Perth Model Railway exhibition part 5

Hi All

I was impressed by the straight up concept of this layout, a working coal loader and great snaking typical scenery.

watching it in action is interesting,

Its a large layout without a cute as pie station, well executed, and great gentle curves.

inspiration pictures are a nice touch on the side of the layout.

 finishing loading, a 56 class locomotive has cut off to run around its train.

Here is another nice touch, a spread from the magazine Railway Modeller, gives the viewer a great amount of background.

I like the meandering trackage and cutting and fill, and happy to hide trackage for effect.
The trees are dam close to scale.

lots of distance between locations, this is amazing considering the average size available to the modeller in the UK!

Again a nice touch, the track plan.

The Junction.

Nice deep dramatic bridge sits well into its location.

Another deep bridge very convincing entries at both sides.

A Class 56 menders through very typical scenery.

an empty stops short of the loop at Maxwell Colliery.

If you would like to see more, check out this link.

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