Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barcoola's new fliddle yard is up

Hi All

Attached are some shots of the new Barcoola fiddle yard up and in its new location.

This new fiddle yard is a pattern on the old one, but extremely light. The board is only 37mm thick. Side total thickness is 70mm. Briefcase clips hold the boards together just like all the scenery boards.

When I was going to exhibitions, I would always check out the arrangements of various fiddle yards. And one fatal flaw was some operators put the storage tracks too close to each other. This is especially true with double stack or TOFC trains, you need to get your fingers around the base of the wagon, while being able to clear wagons on adjacent tracks. Please see attached a staged example.

Anyway even with the extra width between tracks, I still can fit 9 tracks in the fiddle yard. 8 standard gauge 1 proposed broad gauge (it always pays to plan ahead, its better to have the additional space and not need it, rather than need it and not have it.)

I completed new legs for the new fiddle yard boards, I have decided to build two legs for each board that is 6ft long, it just make it easier to man handle during set up and take down. I have already made up the pre cut timber kits for the additional legs, so when I get days off I can get straight into it.

You may also notice that the end boards, will have to be modified to match up with the new fiddle yard. I have accomplished some "exploratory surgery" to one of the corner boards, and all looks good to modify the foam boards.

Anyway enjoy.


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