Saturday, January 1, 2011

Barcoola Happy NY for 2011 and whats in store

Hi All

hope you all had a Happy NYE 2010, and welcomed in 2011 in spectacular fashion.

Trivia questions answers:

Below is some Barcoola and AN trivia, answers next year.

How many kilometres has Barcoola travelled?
A. 1494 KMs
B. 3222 KMs
C. 4642 KMs.

Answer was B.

How many Trees are on Barcoola?
A. 0
B. 6 provided by Doug.
c. 57

Answer A, there currently are no trees only bushes.

How many exhibitions has Barcoola attended?

Answer 7.

AN trivia
That is the highest number 930 class on standard gauge, during the AN era?
A. 959
B. 961
C. 966

Answer C 966, while it never operated on Standard gauge was converted to standard to be a parts source for the DA rebuild program, thus was converted and sent up to Port Augusta.

Which class of locomotives were transferred to NRC for scrap value?
A. DL class.
B. EL class.
C. AN class.

Answer the AN class.

True or false:
Did a 600 class ever operate in Alice Springs during the AN era?

Answer: True 603 deputised at least twice as yard shunter. 1993 I think was the first occasion.

The train number 199, is the most famous fast freight between Chicago and LA, on the ATSF, what train in the AN system had the number 199?

A: short lived ADL ASP priority freight.
B: loaded Port Pirie train.
C: STD gauge trip train between Port Adelaide and Dry Creek north yard.

Answer: A.

Things in store for 2011, we are still looking at two exhibitions next year and will let you all know in advance if all goes well.

A new layout will be in the mix.

Ultra Modern Barcoola is slowly taking shape, Just started to allocate the rolling stock the other day. This will be a long process. In the new configuration Barcoola will have 67 metres or 216ft of clear fiddle yard standing room minimum, so that will take a while to fill. Going to exhibitions it is going to double the amount of rolling stock we take.

Doug will be getting married and we all can't wait for the bucks turn it going to be ripper.

Great to see everyone that the Andersons NYE, they always put on a good do.

So enjoy, and hope this decade is a success for all.


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