Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New corner boards modified

Hi all

Its been a while between posts, due to Dougs wedding and the need to paint the house, its a long story and out of the scope of this blog. Never the less, attached are some shots of the modified corner boards for Barcoola MK2.25, with these in place the whole layout will be a tool box clip to together type of job.

All that remains is the addition of 3mm MDF base and 50mm foam and we are ready to go.

I have recently purchased the track of the fiddle yard, just waiting on the points to complete the rebuild, Brunnel Hobbies usually keeps micro engineering track in stock, just short of the points at the moment, so this is the only thing outstanding, the rest is ready to go.

Finally attached is a shot of a old united container which Glen spotted on the FWY, during our logistical exercise that was Dougs wedding. So the lesson here is always keep your eyes open you don't know what you will find.



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