Friday, January 14, 2011

doing a bit of a lance mindheim for the Alice Springs industrial area

Hi All
Attached are some pictures of a mock up of the Alice Springs industrial area. Taking a couple of tips from Lince Mindheim's web site, I have reduced the number of sidings slightly and increased the overall space for the industries, because the yard was set up so that industries on both sides of Ghan Road could be serviced by two Rail Fingers I have to figure out a way of ensuring there is enough access to the second set of sidings. I have drawn out the boundaries for each industrial site. On these two boards, we will have:
A junk yare at the start of Ghan Road northern side.
Adelaide Brighton Cement
over the other side of the drain,
Stratco - ARC Steel.
Southern side of Ghan Road
looks like a Mechanics shop, not sure I want this here at this time.
Trucking depot, of unknown name.
over the drain.
NQX NTFS depot.
I think for exhibition mode I will add another board with Ampol, Caltex and BP sidings the later's siding faces north thus will require a runaround as per prototype.

I am told that you can now get RC trucks in HO scale, this would add a different dimension to operations as alot of the intermodal operations are TOFC related, thus we could model the delivery of the Trailer directly to the depot. With a bit of practice, it could be a natural progression of layout operating sessions. Not sure if that means that the alocated "truck driver" would have to wear a stained blue singlet etc.

Anyway this means that the industrial area roads will have to be easy for an operator to drive a truck down. I will experiment......

You will also notice that I have repainted the train room. I will replace the ugly blinds and add a 4ft painted back drop over the top half of the walls this will also go over the windows. I am thinking of using some type of material or MDF, that can be removed if required with minimal damage to the current paint finish.



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