Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fuel Tank wagons on Barcoola

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I have been browsing the net and noticed that there is a Gent from Wagga Wagga modeling the Osbourne area of Adelaide, obviously there is plenty of traffic originating from there including Mobil fuel for Alice Springs and in bound Mereenie Crude oil. Others include loco fuel both Broad Gauge and standard Gauge. Definitely a industrial area just begging to be modelled. We can detail the current tankers operating on Barcoola and future Alice Springs, which may of use for modeling purposes.

For modeling Osbourne or Alice Springs you are going to need a lot of tankers, the one advantage of modeling fuel industries is, a loaded tank wagon look just the same as an empty, thus very easy to model. For these type of wagons I am happy to be close enough, not because I am lazy but because if you are going to tackle a big project you need to look at phased modelling. Start with something that you are happy with that will surfice in the short term, to get things moving. Later you can replace these with more accurate replicas in the future at your own pace.

So to quickly outline some of the Fuel tankers in use:
ATSF yes i know they have two cells, but for the cost and running reliability the Proto 2000 10,000 Gallon type 21 riveted Tank Car is a dam good start. Tips replace the factory supplied couplings. The Kaddee number 5 might look a little over scale size but when shunting and in 20ft plus consists under heavy load their reliability is second to none.

The ATMY PTMY, The Atlas 23,900 Gal tank car, its got a slight fish belly which matches the prototype.
Modeling tips, replace the couplers, with Kadee number 5, only due to the Altas ones have a bad habit of occasionally locking open, when you least what it to.

The ATKY, The Atlas 17, 360 Gal Tank Car, again its got a fish belly, to match the prototype, These are going to be my Alice Springs project phase one stand ins until I do the good research on how to model the ATOY's in the most efficient way possible.

Anyway please see attached picture of the models.



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