Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ultra modern Barcoola rollingstock.

Hi All

Attached is a photo that might not seem too much at the moment, but this is the first 4 boxes of rolling stock dedicated to Ultra Modern Barcoola.

With in these boxes are 6 RRZYs, 3 kited RRXY's 12 FQWY, CQWYs Countless containers, and 19 walthers 48ft five packs. Additionally 19 IP cars which will be converted to ultra modern Ghan cars.

In the process of figuring out what I will keep and what I will get rid of, I found that I have more than enough American Limited bellows and replacement Steam Era Models wheel sets to service the 1993 era Relay vans and the ultra modern Relay vans and Ghan cars. Incidentally, I had a look at the latest GSR IP cars offerings from LIMA, and is it just me or do they have the wrong bogies fitted??

Anyway like all new projects this one will have to be by the numbers, I have had a discussion with Glen and he is happy to make various wagons dual era. i am not so sure, new Alice Springs layout will for some wagons require viewing from both sides so this will not be an option for Me.



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