Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alice Springs SOP or LAP's

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After Roger and Doug, visited and operated the Alice Springs industrial area. It became apparent that I need to list the Standard Operating Procedures SOP, or Local Area Procedures LAP's.
I managed to get a hold of a old AN operating appendix, this lists all the operating rules, In addition to these, they also list exceptional operating procedures or LAP's.
So here is an example where using the LAP's for Alice Springs industrial area, change the way the area can be shunted.

Below is an example of shunting out an empty steel wagon, with a loaded one into the Steel Distributor.

Photo 1

For this exercise un protected level crossing at Ghan Road, will be the first location where the shunt movement will need to stop. Your mate will have to step out and control the level crossing.

Photo 2

Once clear of the level crossing you will have to wait for your mate to walk to the front of the consist. The point to the left is the Adelaide Brighton Cement siding, the ABFX's to the left are on the NTFS & Freight Forwarders siding.

Photo 3.

This is the first shunt movement for the day and includes, tankers for BP, Steel, and a van for Golden North Dairies.

GM30 pulls in clear of the run around opposite the Sadabin and Caltex terminal, each shunt consist is long enough to fit inside the run around.

Photo 5.
Again as part of the LAP, it is easier not to cross Whittaker Street, so you mate does not have to jump out and flag the crossing. However there is enough room to clear the east end points of the run around.

Photo 6.
GM30 continues back down the shunt lead, passing the Sadabin terminal.

Photo 7.
GM30 drags out the loaded van as a shunt wagon, so that it can be easily shunted to the dairy later.

Photo 8.
GM30 then continues towards the Ghan road level crossing.

Photo 9
GM30 picks up the empty steel wagon, with enough room not to foul the Ghan road level crossing.

Photo 10.
GM30 has dropped off the empty wagon on the shunt main, so that the loaded steel wagon can be placed into the distributor's siding.

Photo 11.

GM30 places the loaded wagon into the steel distributors siding, accomplished with only fouling Ghan road level crossing once. Thanks to the LAP's
Anyway give LAP's a thought on your layout, it will increase the operational potential of any layout.



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