Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sandown 2012 and A tractive effort

Hi All

We attended the Sandown exhibition today, and was surpried to find and interesting display layout called A tractive Effort. Modelled in NSW, the interesting part was that there is no station, in fact no points on the entire scenic part of the layout.
yet the slight rolling hills and classic "suburban" type housing, which is just screaming out to model manufactures to get on board.

For this layout its all about the details, rutted drive way, wheely bin, tells me it bin day, and the mail box, and fences complete the scene.

A 44 class on a pass train of the era, passes one of the two signals I coudl find on the layout.

Again this is all about the final details, the relay hut, fences and the power lines all standard features, but often omited.

A close up of the relay.

A modern, to scale size home, take note model manufactures, this is some thing that would sell.

More to follow.


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