Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bendigo Rail Models releases the VR Flat top T class

Hi All
in what can only be described as the best kept secret in modeling is the release of Bendigo Rail Models Flat Top T class. This alone, was enough to have Doug excited as a Dog peering through the window of a Butchers shop. Probably with less drooling.

I wonder if they are considering a SCT T345 version, or T414, ex DE02, which can only be described as corporate vandalism to chop nose the only remaining as built DE in the universe.

I digress, Talking to Doug, he is to reviewing, as hydrochloric acid is to human skin.

Doug is very pleased with his model, and can't fault it at this time.

There is there is three versions 1955 to 1957. two inch stripe, or 321 with the 5 inch stripe and the rest with a 9 inch stripe, no exhaust stack as per prototype.

1957 to 1970 era

1970 to 1980's era

T413 is only available in the 1970 to 1980's era.

It looks Broad Gaugeaable.
There seems to be speaker previsions in the long hood.

The model is a available at $250 at the moment to the 10th of April 2012, at which point goes to $295.



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